Fishbone Acronyms

Given that the fishbones evolved over a 20-year period, many times I have resorted to the use of acronyms or shortened wording for common brewing terms. Because many of these are commonly used within the industry (e.g., °P, OG for original gravity, etc.), I have not included them in the following list of acronyms. However, for those that may be less intuitive and their meaning not immediately apparent, please use the following as a reference:

AATase   acetyl alcohol transferase
A/E   alcohol/extract
AJL   Alfred Jorgensen Laboratories
BRF   Brewing Research Foundation
BRI   Brewing Research International
BSA   bovine serum albumin
BUs   bitterness units
CB   Professor Charlie Bamforth
CCV   cylindrical conical fermenters
CFMF   cross flow membrane filtration
CHO   carbohydrate
DE   diatomaceous earth
D:H   diameter:height
DMDS   dimethyl disulfide
DMS   dimethyl sulfide
DMSO   dimethyl sulfoxide
DMSP   dimethyl sulfide precursor
DMTS   dimethyl trisulfide
DO   dissolved oxygen
DON   deoxynivalenol
EA   endogenous antioxidant
EPR   electron paramagnetic resonance
ESR   electron spin resonance
EtOH   ethanol
FAN   free amino nitrogen
FFAs   free fatty acids
FV   fermenter vessel
GCO   gas chromatography olfactory
GGS   Professor Graham Stewart
GRAS   generally recognized as safe
HAF   hop aroma fractions
HGB   high gravity brewing
HMWP   high molecular weight protein
IAAs   iso-alpha-acids
IAA   iso-amyl-acetate
ID   identify
KMS   potassium metabisulfite
LBP   lipid binding protein
LTP   lipid transfer protein
LMW   low molecular weight
LOX   lipoxygenase
LOX1   gene for LOX protein
MIB   2-methyl isoborneol
MOA   Methods of Analysis
MTA   methylthioacetate
MF   membrane filtration
MT   mitochondria
MTT:   maltotriose
MW:   molecular weight
NA   non-alcoholic
NP   nonenal potential
PGA   polyglycerol alginate
PPs   polyphenols
PVPP   polyvinylpolypyrrolidone
NHL   normalized half-life
RE   real extract
RX-s   reactions
SAB   South African Breweries
SHG   silica hydro gels
SMM   S-methyl methionine
SMMP   S-methyl methionine precursor
T2N   trans-2-nonenal
TCA   trichloroanisole
THM   trihalomethane
UFAs   unsaturated fatty acids
VDK   vicinal diketones
VCF   vertical conical fermenters
4-VG   4-vinyl guaiacol